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Prairie Dog Pups

Accepting Deposits Now for April Babies!


Click Play to view a short video of babies in our nursery !!!

These little critters will remind you of a chubby puppy in a sitting position.

 Gentle and tame, prairie dogs will endear you with their captivating expressions

as you scratch their cheeks and tummy.

 Their wide, open month grin is an absolute heart stealer.

Bottle fed to produce a very loveable pet.


Prairie Dog Pups

Seasonal - April & May.


We guarantees that each prairie dog pup has been captured and handled 

in a humane fashion using no mechanical devises (vacuum, leg hold traps or snares).

 No adult prairie dogs were harmed or killed during any part of the capture process.

All prairie dog pups have been cared for in our facility for  a minimum of two weeks 

before shipment to monitor health and temperament.

 Every prairie dog pup has been treated for internal and external parasites.

This is absolutely the finest prairie dog available.