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If any of our pets are just not to your taste, 

or you couldn't find the most exotic thing on our site, 

you may need another type of pet. 

One that makes no noise, does not require 

water, food, care, love, attention, or even sunlight. what you need is the...


  Pet Rock 

The most exotic of them, a pet rock will provide hours of enjoyment,

years of service as a wonderful companion or use as a

Paper Weight / Door Stopper / Lawn Ornament / Sling Shot Buddy / Window Tester

and our all time favorite, Personal Protection Device.
Low maintenance, No Smell and Disease Free (anthrax tested),

and absolutely NO veterinarian care required.
Different sizes and colors available, weight may vary.

Prices starting from $10 (pebble) to $100,000 (boulder)

Weather stone conversion kit includes string and nail, available for all seasons.