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African Pygmy Hedgehogs

(aka: the white-bellied, four toed, East African, or dwarf hedgehog)


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Hedgehogs are remarkably cute little animals.

Hold one on it's back and watch it peek out from beneath its quills,

and your heart will be captured once and for all. 

They have shiny little eyes, busy little noses and round little bellies.

 They are poky on top with soft fur on the underside.

They make a good beginner pet as they are easy to care for and just plain fun.

Despite their effective display of little quills they are easily tamed,

 and when secure, there little quills feel like hairbrushes


                    Hedgehogs do not shed/release or shoot there quills when they are scared or feel threatened.

Hedgehogs have a very good sense of smell. Strange scents or chemicals may induce the pet to self anoint or spit a small foam like saliva on their flank or back. This habit generally stops once the hedgehog is familiar with its surroundings and owners.

                    The only color a hedgehog can distinguish is yellow. Found this information in a Ripleys----Believe it or not newspaper clipping

Keeping hedgies is easy! Providing a easy to maintain habitat, fresh water and dry kitten food daily along with some daily stimulation by holding, providing  toys and/or exercise should keep your little hedgehog happy and healthy.